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The importance of Carpet Washing

carpet cleaning

carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is important for many reasons. Carpet tiles are expensive investments and for this reason alone, it makes good business sense to maintain it with regular vacuuming and quarterly deep carpet cleaning. Your carpet tiles will last for many years to come. It will continue to enhance the beauty of your office and home and provide a comfortable covering for your floors. There are also important health benefits derived from maintaining a regular carpet cleaning routine in your office and home. Your carpet tiles act as filters to capture airborne particles. Your family and you will be healthier with less dust floating about in your room.
Regular vacuuming can be performed to remove the accumulated dirt, dust, soil, allergens and other particles from the carpet. It is recommended to perform vacuuming at least once a week with special attention to the higher traffic areas. A good HEPA vacuum cleaner is preferred. HEPA filters will prevent vacuumed particles from escaping back into the room. A crevice tool can be used to detail along the edges where the carpet meets the baseboard and along the backs of carpeted stairs. Ensure that the vacuum bag is no more than 3 quarters full. When it is time, replace it with a new bag for maximum vacuum power.
By removing as much soil as possible from the carpet tiles, the carpet can continue to perform as an efficient indoor air filter to hold on to airborne particles. This is especially important during the winter when the windows are closed and stale air isn’t replaced with fresh outdoor air as often. The carpet tiles are able to keep particles from becoming airborne again as is the case with hard floor surfaces. It is important to remove these dirt particles often and not allow the carpet to become so full of these that its filtering capabilities are compromised.
Besides removing the soil particles, it’s also necessary to perform a deep carpet cleaning quarterly using water and carpet cleaning detergent. The sticky and dirty soils that gradually build up in the carpet fibres over time, can only be removed with such deep carpet cleaning. There are many different carpet cleaning techniques but the most common ones are carpet shampooing and hot water extraction carpet cleaning. With a program of regular vacuuming and an quarterly deep carpet cleaning, your carpet tiles will continue to provide many years of good service and help keep indoor air quality at its best.
Washing your carpets with our carpet steaming machines are as easy as vacuuming. The carpet cleaning head has been specially developed to roll over the carpet with relative ease and maneuverability.
Having used our carpet cleaning machines you will notice a real difference in the brightness of the color and texture of the pile. And once you have tackled ground-in dirt for the first time, carpet cleaning will become much easier. We have been diligently doing carpet cleaning, carpet shampooing, carpet washing and carpet steaming for many clients for more than 15 YEARS in Singapore.

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