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House Cleaning


Our Notable Achievements

A-Cube Microsystems, a NEA licensed and established house cleaning company of more than 15 years, was humbly awarded the South-West CDC Job Facilitator Award and Corporate Partner Award on 15 July 2003.

What makes us different from other house cleaning companies in Singapore. Why choose us?

The Difference between Us and Other competitors?

WE HAVE A MISSION TO HELP THE NEEDY by sharing with house cleaners job security; sharing with them the wealth and knowledge; not only giving them the fishes but also teaching them how to fish. We also help and care about the poor animals on this earth.

  • Our house cleaning prices are reasonable and competitive as they have been discounted from the usual prices.
  • There are no hidden costs from us andno inspection of the house is needed. (Some house cleaning companies may charge a lower price and request for extra chargesafter inspecting the premise).
  • The equipment used by us are effective, reliable and proven professional cleaning equipment from industry brands in hygiene living.
  • We strive to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction to make our house cleaning customers happy.
  • We have a team of diligent, honest and experienced house cleaners with a friendly personality.
  • All equipment, transport, house cleaning solutions and manpower costs will be fully borne by us, not you.
  • We have a large base of many satisfied house cleaning clients over the past 15 years. Please Click Here and also Here to view our client feedback forms. The contact nos. and unit nos. have been removed to protect the privacy of our customers. Read more positive feedback from our clients at HereHere and Here!


House Cleaning


A-Cube Microsystems is a competitively, quality and performance oriented NEA licensed house cleaning services company in Singapore that gives you value for money from our Professional house cleaning services. We have been providing professional house cleaning services to many clients for more than 15 years in Singapore. We are not the lowest priced house cleaning company, because we do not believe in cutting corners that may result in lower quality work. We are also not the highest home cleaning company in Singapore as well, because we want to give our customers a fair and reasonable house cleaning price. Our Post-Renovation Cleaning and Pre-Move In Cleaning supervisor is strict in making sure that the house cleaning results are up to standard.


Everyone wants to look at their home being clean and hygiene. Either you do-it-yourself or hire someone to clean your house, but it has to be done. It is not possible to spend most of your time in cleaning as many other important works are there to complete. Therefore, hiring Professional house cleaning Singapore could be a smart move and the advantages far exceed the cost that you can experience.

If you have been searching for a reliable and trusted house cleaning services in Singapore, look no further. A-Cube Microsystems is an NEAlicensedhouse cleaning company of more than 15 years and you can rest assured that you will have unmatched cleaning services for your home at very competitive prices.

At A-Cube Microsystems, we aim at providing the highest quality Professional house cleaning in Singapore.Together with our total scope of cleaning hardware or items, we seek to perform at our best in our house cleaning services to you. Because of our dedication and passion, we have builtasolid relationship with numerous clients through our house cleaning services.

House cleaning services Singapore
House Cleaning Singapore


The benefit of our professional home cleaning is that it can make your room atmosphere healthier for you. If there is an absence of house cleaning, germs and infection can easily breed that causes health issues.

Your home is your identification and a reflection of yourself. You must remember that a properly cleaned home can impress your guests and create positive vibes.

Our house cleaning cleaners are prepared to clean homes in different kinds of states.



We have a team of professional house cleaners to know how to deal with different sorts of issues related to house cleaning. They are skilled and experienced and are dedicated to their work. Our house cleaners are licensed and insured to ensure a safe and productive house cleaning result.

We keep your home clean and germ-free and we use safe cleaning equipment and disinfectants to clean your house.

At A-Cube Microsystems, we offer a range of dependable and reasonable Professional house cleaning in Singapore that best suits your needs and house cleaning budget.

Call us today to get a free quote! Or SMS us at 9386 1459 now.

professional house cleaning
House Cleaning


Be careful of some companies that charge very low for Post-Renovation Cleaning / Spring Cleaning and other types of house cleaning services. For the low price, they may attempt to cut corners by paying their part-time house cleaners very low pay and also compromise on the type of equipment used, which may well result in low morale, low performance or dishonest and bad attitudes. Usually, clients get what they pay for. Also be careful of some cleaning companies that charge an unreasonable price for house cleaning services . You don’t have to pay more than 400 dollars to get your HDB 4 room flat or more than a thousand dollars to get your 3 storey terrace or detached house washed! You can do away with all the glamorous uniforms and big fancy vans. All these are hidden costs that may be passed on to you as customers. What you want is your house cleaned by a professional house cleaning team.


Our house cleaning packages include a combination of HEPA vacuuming, floor mopping and a thorough cleaning of the apartment. The air that comes out of our HEPA vacuum cleaner is more purified than the air that goes in. It means while vacuuming, we are also purifying the air in your house, making it up to 99.9% pure. We utilise more expensive and higher quality liquid cleaners which meets industry standards and are non toxic to health. Read on to find out more about our pre-move in cleaning and post-renovation cleaning services.

House Cleaning


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