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Full-time and Part-time Office Cleaning in Singapore


Our Achievements

A-Cube Microsystems, a pioneer office cleaning service provider based  in Singapore for  more than 15 years, was humbly awarded the South-West CDC Job Facilitator Award and Corporate Partner Award on 15 July 2003.

What makes Us Unique Compared to Other Office Cleaning Companies?

WE HAVE A MISSION TO HELP THE NEEDY by sharing with them the wealth and knowledge; providing office cleaners with job security; not only providing them the fishes but also teaching them how to fish! We also help the poor animals on this earth as we care about them.

  • Our office cleaning prices are reasonable and competitive as they have been discounted.
  • We have no hidden costs andno inspection of the office is needed as long as sufficient details are provided. (Some competitors may charge a very low price and request for extra charges upon inspection of the premises).
  • The equipment used by us are reliable, effective and proven professional equipment from many established brands in hygiene living.
  • We strive to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction to ensure our office cleaning customers are happy.
  • We have a team of honest, hardworking and experienced office cleaners with a friendly personality.
  • We comply with all major rules and regulations such as CPF contribution, annual leave, sick leave, workman insurance, payslips, NEA training etc. With A-Cube, you can be Safe!
  • We have many satisfied office cleaning clients over the past 15 years. Please Click Here and also Here to view our customer feedback forms. The contact nos. and unit nos. have been removed to protect the privacy of our clients. Read more good feedback from our clients at HereHere and Here!


Are you looking for cheap office cleaning services Singapore? You have come to the right place. A clean and hygienic office is an important requirement for all employees to work comfortably and productively in a company.

Office cleaning involves extra costs and it may not be possible for a single person with an admin/accounting job to take on ‘extra’ office cleaning duties. Most of the time, it is more productive and cost effective to hire a weekly or daily Singapore office cleaner dedicated to performing office cleaning duties while you focus on your core business activities.

Companies can save costs by hiring part-time office cleaner Singapore under dedicated office cleaning companies like us instead of a full-time office cleaner Singapore. We handle all the sourcing of office cleaner and paperwork for you.

Therefore, to keep your office rooms hygienic and clean, you can get in touch with Singapore House Cleaning Services. Here, we offer an outstanding Office cleaning services Singapore at an affordable range of pricing.

We have an expert and skilled team to provide the best services for many local businesses and you can select weekly, daily and part time office cleaning services Singapore according to your requirement at the best price. We deal with all the paperwork in a hassle free way.


A-Cube Microsystems offer best and cheap office cleaning services Singapore for corporate offices, show rooms, retail shops, shop houses, tuition and education centers, hotels, clinics, child care centers and warehouses etc. Other kinds of quality and cheap office cleaning services by our office cleaners are available from us too. Our packages are competitively priced and our Singapore office cleaners are legal office cleaners.

Each office cleaning usually lasts between 2-4 hours. The main office cleaning duties include wiping of tables and chairs, preparing coffee or tea and washing of cups (as needed), disposal of waste, floor mopping, windows cleaning, toilet cleaning, vacuuming, telephone disinfecting and other necessary office cleaning duties as required by the customer. The cleaner may also assist in cleaning the keyboards, mice, printers and monitors.

Are you searching for an authorized and licensed Office cleaning Singapore? we are the reliable and cheap office cleaning services provider Singapore in the market that you can hire. With having the expertise, we offer a wide range of affordable office cleaning in a stress-free way that you can take the advantage of. A healthy working environment is much better for a positive vibe to improve business productivity. We value our client’s time and money and their satisfaction is our top concern. Just give us an opportunity; we will earn your trust!

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A-Cube Microsystems has been diligently offering office cleaning services Singapore and near by area for more than 15 years, assisting local businesses to meet their office cleaning needs while they concentrate on their core business activities.

We also help local cleaning aunties to get jobs as office cleaners and earn extra income to help their families by matching them to our clients’ office cleaning needs according to the various regions in Singapore.

Helping the poor, sick and needy people and animals in this world remains one of our vital core missions.


In Singapore, office cleaning plays a significant role to make you sure that your office location is completely clean, hygienic, and dirt or germ-free. It will keep your office environment healthy. To meet your requirement, our Part time Office cleaning Singapore will save your time & money as well as enhance the productivity. Our professional cleaners will also take care of your business equipment and property.

Why do you need to hire professional cleaning services?

Everyone wants to work in a neat and clean workplace. The office environment should be clean, germ-free, and well-maintained as a dirty office will affect the health of the employees as well as clients. A clean office also looks more presentable.

Our office cleaning company Singapore are the best and one of the most affordable solutions to keep your office clean and hygienic. We offer one of the Best office cleaning Services Singapore that will match your daily office cleaning or weekly office cleaning requirements. We employ trained office cleaners and they understand how to perform their duties efficiently.

Some of the benefits of using our office cleaning include:

Licensed and insured cleaners:

Our weekly, daily and part time office cleaning Singapore are licensed and insured to ensure that you will receive a safe and hassle-free office cleaning service. The office cleaners will leave your working environment sparkling clean and bacteria free.


Hiring weekly Office Cleaning Services Singapore from us is the most cost-effective way to maintain the cleanliness of your business premises. You won’t need to worry about doing office cleaning yourself when you hire our office cleaning services Singapore and you can focus on your core business that translates to more money earned.

Reliable cleaning:

If you ask your staff to do it the office cleaning, you may not be sure that things are completely clean. But with our superior Office Cleaning Services Singapore, you can rest assured that you have chosen a reliable source for thorough and professional office cleaning services.

Focus on your business:

When your employees are asked to clean the office, it will affect their productivity as well as your business. By turning this job over to our Office Cleaning Singapore, you can focus on your business completely to grow.

Flexible timing:

We always focus on client satisfaction. So, we offer daily commercial office cleaning services Singapore according to your scheduled request and so that business operations are not affected. We also offer Part time Office cleaning Singapore to meet your office cleaning requirements.

Better environment:

We provide routine daily office Cleaning in Singapore that seeks to ensure that your office is dust free and germ-free. In this way, all the staffs will get to work in a more hygienic working environment.

We are:

Reasonable and experienced

Use advanced technology and tools

Value your time and expense

Frequency Rates
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5 days a week office cleaning (2-4) hours Pls contact us
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Full-time and Part-time Office Cleaning in Singapore

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